About the Cecil County Farm Museum


The Cecil County Farm Museum(CCFM)was created to preserve and promote the rich agricultural heritage which contributed, in large portion, to the socio-economic development of this portion of the state. It is a non-profit corporation devoted to education and preservation of the county's agricultural past.

Get Involved !

CCFM welcomes all interested individuals to become involved either by becoming an active member, supporter or donor. Memberships are available at $10/ individual or $20/ family per year. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and free admission to all CCFM functions and activities. We welcome corporate sponsors to assist us in our renovation/establishing a new museum at out permanent home at 912 Appleton Road, Elkton, MD.

With our new museum site, we are looking for volunteers to help us with the site renovations. Everyone is welcome; no special skills are needed but if you have some in the building or mechanical trades, please let us know.

Educational Programs:

CCFM has a variety of mobile presentations available for schools (Grades K-12), senior citizens groups and other civic organizations. Programs are taught by experienced instructors and aimed at the group's interests. In addition, CCFM can work through the county's ag agencies to help arrange field trips to working farms.

Why Does Cecil County Need A Farm Museum?

Agriculture was and is still the backbone of the county's economy. Glance at early maps from the late nineteenth century and you'll se it is dotted with farms throughout and gristmills located along all the major creeks. Sadly, many farms are being lost to development. In addition, many of our young people have no idea about the origins of their food outside of the grocery store. The CCFM hopes to bring the agricultural experience, through historical presentation, to our young people. Older adults will appreciate our vision to bring a glimpse of "the good old days" back for a brief visit.

A working farm museum within the county will help educate the community on the importance of agriculture and its preservation. The museum will also serve as a focal point to display important local historical artifacts important to this area. The museum will also help to attract tourists to the area giving them another reason to extend their stay within the county.

Contact us

Our staff can be reached via email at :   info@ccfarmmuseum.org

We are located at the entrance to the Cecil County Technical School, just north of downtown Elkton.